Hector Maclean

House of Maclean


Modernity meets tradition.

Maclean is of one of the oldest Highland clans, with a seat on the Isle of Mull. But Hector’s origins also derive from war-torn Poland, occupied France, and rural Zimbabwe. Poised on the intersection of tradition and modernity, his work draws on this rich history.

The clan slogan - Bàs no Beatha ,"Death or Life" – is key to his design. Having encountered a near-death experience, resulting in two broken legs, lends a raw authenticity to the question. Alongside this gravitas is a playfulness, rooted in his creative upbringing. The son of an artist and dancer, his collections have a whimsical quality, combining romance and radicalism, disorder and elegance.


Ageless beauty and design.

At Hector Maclean our vision is to create clothing that is enjoyed by the strong, independent woman who are involved in todays modern society.

We believe that innovation is important within our brand, which is why we design for the empowered woman who are not afraid to wear her scars as a mark of beauty.

Designed for the woman who fights fearlessly in pursuit of what she loves, we prioritise themes surrounding modern opulence, elegance, strength and broken romance.